Self Tanners for Summer

Summer is here, ladies. Are you planning to get some tan on your skin? To be safe from UV ray, I would like to recommend you to use self tanning products. They are amazing! You don’t have to worry about premature wrinkles from the sun, plus you really want to protect yourself from skin cancer. Self tanners are alternative choices. Why not? Let’s try and you will love it!

Lancôme – Flash Bronzer Tinted Leg Gel

The product is very smooth, goes very easily on your skin. Even though it stated a “Leg Gel”, but many have confirmed to us that you can apply all over your body. The color is intense, yet natural sexy glow. It will last you for many days, even with showering and swimming. It does not get streaky, does not smell, and dries quickly. Are you looking for a great self tanner for summer and vacation? This one might be for you.



Dior Bronze  – Soin Auto Bronzant Eclat Naturel – Corps/Body

Yes, Dior… not only a chic collection on runways, they presented us a wonderful self-tanner product. The color is glowy bronze, intense, and sexy. It is yet to create a healthy and natural look. You will feel refreshed, it will moisturize your skin at the same time, amazing product.



Clarin – Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

This is a face product. The formulation is very moisturizing, your skin will be hydrated all day. If you plan to spend most of the time out door, Clarin Liquid Bronze is great for giving you a natural glow. The smell is pleasant and it does not turn orange in later hours. The staying power is very long. You will feel wonderful, with a velvet tan finish on your face.



Bare Escentuals Faux Tan

It is great for a sensitive skin. Many ladies claimed that it did not break them out. The color is so natural and it does not leave an orange undertone to your skin. The product lasts quite a good time, 3-4 days. When you first applied it, it might give a little intense color but later it would adjust to your skin and gave a nice healthy tanning color. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, great for summer look.



Vichy – Capital Soleil Self Tanning Milk

The formulation is so creamy and smooth. The texture of product will give you a velvet bronzing finish. It does not look like you have a fake tan at all. Beside, your skin will look more healthy and glowy. It is easy to apply, it keeps your face and body hydrated. The moisturizer in this product is amazing, it is great for a day out with hot and humid weather.


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