Blushes for Summer

We continue on for a beauty blog and great products for summer. There are many wonderful blushes out there and many are revving about them. But what I love is to have a natural color on my cheeks. Our focus will be on blushes that gives you a glowy and healthy look. Here are some that you might consider;

Nars Luster : This shade gives you a very natural glow on your cheeks. Some have used it as a blush/bronzer. Nars is famous for the quality of blushes. You may have heard of some others such as Orgasm, Tajmahal, Deep throat, etc. For Luster, it is so beautiful, you do not have to worry if you pile on too much. The color will go very smoothly on your face. It creates a dewy, velvet finish.



MAC РBlushcreme Ladyblush : If you are looking for a long lasting, natural pinky look, this blush might be for you. The formulation is creamy and smooth. My  recommendation is to use a brush MAC 188, duo fiber, to apply it. Some women told that a contour brush Mac 109 works very good also. This product stays on your cheeks very long, even though the weather can be hot and humid, just perfect for your summer make-up.



Benefit Dallas : Beside a lovely packaging, Dallas blush gives you a peachy and slightly pinky undertone to your cheeks. The color looks so natural, with no sparkling shimmer. Some said it would make you look like you just a nice tan on you face. It is pricey but the product lasts very long. A little brush that comes with it may be a bit scratchy, it would be best to invest in your own blushing brush.



Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #2 : The texture of this product is amazing. It gives you a silky and velvet look on your cheeks. You only need a tiny bit to apply. The color pays off very well and it stays on for several hours. Many make-up artists use on runway show models. It is described as a baby pink but still sophisticated and glamorous.



Clinique Blushing Blush Precious Posy : The color may look bright in a pan but the product is very sheer and it goes smoothly on your cheeks. It will brighten up your face, you will look so fresh, yet so natural. There are tiny particles of shimmers in it, but they do not appear too much when you apply. This is another great blush for your summer look.


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