A dress of the day

While I was walking along a fashion street in Milan, Via Montenapoleone, the dress from Prada really cought my eyes. It was so chic, so stylish and yet wearable for day/evening events. Prints with black, white and blue are so in. I love the ruffle details, which creates a look of sophistication. Empire waist and pleated A-line skirt are suitable for almost every body type. This kind of shape I really like, it is so comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry too much about hiding some excess waist line under your belly. (smile!!!). Just love the design and how it looks. Yes, this is the dress of the day!



And here are some pictures of major fashion designer stores along Via Montenapoleone… just strolling around… it was a gorgeous day!

  1. Elisabeth said:

    Hello Tamabea,
    I suppose that it can be useful for you to know that you can see the Via Montenapoleone shops windows in real time on the site dedicated to Via Montenapoleone: http://www.viamontenapoleone.org

    All the best

    • Tamabea said:

      Thank you very much! I just checked out the website, very interesting. Thanks again 🙂

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