Conceal with Concealers

You might be looking for great concealers that suit your skin type. With a warmer weather, we need something that stays on under the heat and has a long lasting power. There are some great products out there that obtain quite good recommendations. I always have a concealer in my make-up bag. During summer, I rarely need a liquid foundation. To get a non-greasy look, I just apply a concealer and setting powder then I am good to go! Here are some that you may want to try. Enjoy!

Estée Lauder – Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer SPF 10

It gives you a great coverage, easy to blend and does not get cakey during the day. Many love it because it does not set into your fine lines. Under eyes will be brighten up instantly. You will look for fresh and awake throughout the day. It has a great lasting power. SPF 10 is great for protecting under eye area from UV ray. This product will cover puffiness and blemishes on your face. Gotta try it!


Chanel – Pro Lumiere Correcteur Professional Finish Concealer

It gives you a high definition coverage. The product goes smoothly and blends easily. You can apply to cover redness and blemishes, it creates a flawless look on your skin. The formulation is creamy, does not get dry too quickly. The price may be high, but the product lasts such a long time, you only need a tiny bit to apply. Many shows us a lot of love to this concealer, because it does not crease and it stays on for several hours.


Lancôme Effacernes Concealer

The packaging is great, you just need to squeeze small amount directly from the tube. It give a high coverage with natural look. You will feel like it blends into your skin and does not crease or sets into fine lines. Your face will look fresh with a natural glow. It gives a dewy and velvet finish. Some of ladies said they don’t need any foundation at all,  you just apply only concealer and you’re good to go. If you are looking for a quick fix, the this concealer is for you.



L’Oreal Touche Magique Concealer

Now we’re moving down to an affordable price. This concealer does the magic plus the price is so inexpensive. Product formulation is smooth, create a nice finish look. It is perfect for under eye area, they will be brighten up and you will look refreshed in the sudden. It provide a relatively high coverage and the lasting power is very long. L’Oreal should be proud! Finally there is a much love concealer in the market.



Benefit Powderflage Concealer

It is to be used under eye area. Many people are skeptical about this product at first, but I swear by this, it works like a miracle. Yes, it is a powder, you can use it as a setting product under your eyes after you applied some foundation or light cream concealer. It does not go into fine lines and it stays put almost 24 hours. You can be sure that it will give us a fresh look all day and night. The price is high, yes I know… but the product last very long. You will not disappoint if you need something to give you a natural look with fresh face.


Bobbi Brown Corrector

If you have a severe darkness under your eyes, this concealer will do a great job for you. It provide a maximum coverage without looking unusual. You need just a tiny amount, be careful not to pad on too much because it will look cakey with excessive product. A slight sheer is perfect and it will cover like there is no blemishes. The texture is amazingly smooth and creamy, you can use your fingers to blend into your skin.

What is your favorite concealer? Leave the comments below! Have a great day.


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