Summer Hair – Side Ponytail

It’s hot in summer but we still want to keep our hair look cool, don’t we? Side ponytail is such an easy-to-do style. It is classic and you can create a more flattering finish. The advantage of a side ponytail is it can work with just about any face shape or age. There are steps you can take in order to create this hairdo;

1. Shampoo your hair  before styling. Use products that is suitable for your hair type.

2. Apply leave-in conditioner, styling product and heat protection cream/spray.

3. Blow dry your hair, you may use a volumizing product to create a bit of texture to your hair.

4. Tease your hair around the crown to make it bigger and more volume looking. You may use hair spray to hold it.

5. Optional: you can curl your hair if you want to create a wavy and sexy hair style.

6. Make a side pony, take a tiny part of your hair and wrap around the pony. Pin it with little hair pins, set the style as you like.

7. Finish the look with spritz of hairspray to hold everything together.

There you have it! Have fun and enjoy your summer look.


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