Hot coral lipsticks!

It’s getting warmer and warmer… I am sure we all are feeling like Summer already. Coral lipsticks are hot trend for this season. It gives you a very bright complexion to your face. I really love a peachy and coral color. It is so refreshing, isn’t it? There are certain lipsticks with this kind of color that worth a try! Let’s have fun with coral and peachy lips, you’ll love it.

YSL Rouge Volupte ( Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 ) – No. 15 Extreme Coral : It is very rich in texture. This product is so creamy and smooth. The color is bright coral with velvet finish. You will feel sexy and strong. SPF 15 will protect your lips from UV rays and the sun. Fun for Summer!


Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick : The color complements a warm tone skin. It is bright but not too much, so it could be an every day lipstick for a hot summer day. Many women adore this product because it brightens up their faces when they are very tan from the sun.


Revlon Kiss me coral : It is famous for a long-lasting lipstick. The color is fun and bright. You will find it very smooth, easy to apply. The price is a real deal… affordable drug store price. You only need just 1-2 coats and you are good to go!


Nars Casablanca : It is a true coral color. The finish is matte, which means it will last quite a long time. Nars is famous for a pigmented lip product. You will love the way it glides smoothly on your lips. The texture is amazing, great for a summer look.


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