(Almost) Nude Lipsticks – hot!

Yes…yes…yes, we know “Nude” lipsticks are really in right now. But many ladies told me that they did not want to look washed out by applying those on their lips. Well, there are substitutes… some alternatives that will help you to find products, which still create a nude look but not totally wash your face out.

1. Mac  “Faux” Lipstick :  It is a satin finish. Many describe it as a soft rose… still have a nude complexion. The texture goes on lips very smoothly. It is almost like matte but it is not. This lipstick has a slight pink undertone. It is perfect if your skin is a little dark, this will not make your face look washed out.



2. Revlon Colorburst “Soft Nude” : It is a peachy and pinky shade. Texture is so creamy and moisturizing. Everyone is revving about because it is really long lasting. It might get dry on your lips so make sure you do apply a lip balm or moisturizer before.



3. Nars “Belle de Jour” : It is a perfect sheer nude color. The undertone shade is a slight peach. Belle de Jour creates a sophisticated appearance. It is on a pricey side, but it is worth a try if you love soft and glamor look.



4. Chanel Aqualumiere “Positano” : It has a warm shade mixed with nude color. Texture is amazing, creamy, soft and very moisturizing. You just need only one coat and you are good for the day. Some said it is also create a look of plumping, healthy and kissable!



5. L’Oreal “Fairest Nude” : It is a nude color with slight mauve pink undertone. Good pigmentation and affordable price are pros about this product. It is an every day wearable lipstick, many carry in their purses for a touch up. Love it!

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