Spring Shoes

Spring is here. We all are seeing new collections of Spring shoes coming out. Ladies, what is not to love? Shoes pamper us, and we do pamper our shoes, don’t we? There are something about this relationship, shoes and women! I cannot really explain but we do have a deep love for our foot comforts. Hot shoes, cool shoes, all kinds of shoes are giving us an affectionate feeling. It is not easy to detach women from footwear. Let us see what is interesting… what fashion gurus have been talking about… what we can acquire to become our belonging… these are shoes for Spring 2010.

1. Platforms – Nude color: These would go with almost everything in your wardrobe. Why not? color is so neutral and feminine. Plain style is appropriate for all kinds of events. Morning or evening, you can always rely that nude color will bring a great attention and appreciation to people around you.



2. Flat Sandals: Whether you are in jeans, pants, dress, or any kind of every day informal look, flat sandals can complement your style. The pair I would recommend would be flats with stones as jewels. They will make your shoes become a bit sophisticated but not too much. Plus,  you can find a lot of comfort walking around with flats. You may need to make sure that there are enough supports at the bottom of those shoes.



3. Peep-Toe Booties: They look a little edgy, aren’t they? But believe me, peep-toe booties are really in right now. You can pair with skinny leg jeans, shorts, event some dresses. Your dress must be color coordinated with shoes. Edgy style will not go away any time soon.



4. Wedges: Wedges are so appropriated for Spring. It gives you an easy look but still stylish. Pants or skirts would go with those pair. Make sure, they are comfortable enough to wear and walk around. They do come with platforms, you can extend your look with print dress or shorts.


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