Cecilia Cassini 10-year old designer

I have heard about her first time on Today Show. Cecilia Cassini was on for the interview with Jenna Bush, and I just could not stop smiling and appreciating her talent. Cecilia started sewing at the age of 6. Yes, you heard me right, 6-year old built her passion with designing clothes for young teens. When the teacher at school asked students to write a letter to a person they wanted to, Cecilia wrote to Coco Chanel. She was the only one, while most of students wrote to Santa Clause. She has such a creative idea and she also has a very unique and fun personality in her own elements. I love to see a young girl with a positive passion about something wonderful. Fashion is not bad, is it? Way to go, the most likely to success designer, Cecilia Cassini.





  1. Cecilia Cassini is a brat! said:

    i think she is a brat. Acting like she is so special, just because her parents are french does not mean she is actually interested in Chanel…even if she wants to go to a specific design you can’t get in untill your over 16. I don’t believe she loves fabric cause anybody that sews loves the vast selection of pattern and colors. But a tube dress at ten is not that hard. They make it seem like she skip kindergarten and started sewing. We all know that sewing does involve a little math. But if you got stretch fabric and a tube top, just one seam. All her clothes are a bit adult to be a children’s clothing line, like dresses that don’t go past the knees and tube tops??? a little unappropriate for toddlers!!!! 😦 😦 😦 I think that she did not do all the sewing herself. Her mum most likely helped her a LOT!!! Very big brat………
    It is good that she want’s to save the planet but, the way she advirtises is bad.

    • Tamabea said:

      thanks for checking out my blog… about Cecilia Cassini… she’s just a little girl, we should give her a chance and see… nobody is perfect, right?

      • Thank you- ( Cecilia Cassini is a brat) a little bit only said:

        I suppose she is young, and maybe she will grow into a new, more mature, way of thinking about fashion as she ages. Thank you for helping me see a better side of her. 🙂

  2. fathima said:

    i agree with the comment that she is a brat becuse she’s kinda jerky!..
    the thing is that most of her faashions are sleeve less and has very adult look

  3. omg my dream is to be a fashion desighner but my dream cannot come true

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