Taking Care of Your Make-Up Products

We all love to get new make-up items. But what happen after you bought them? Taking care of those products is a key to make them last longer. Some of items do not last for years, it is time to toss a few away. Your skin is more sensitive than you think. You do not want to risk breaking out, do you? Let’s see how we could take care of make-up we have.

1. Sanitize : You can start by using a wipe that has an element of alcohol. If you drop lipsticks on the floor, you will have to sanitize by rubbing it with alcohol and let it sit until it dries. Any wands on you lip glosses need to be sanitized from time to time. It does touch some bacteria from outside when you slide it out and touch your lips.

2. Smell and Notice: Sniffing and smelling really help you to determine whether to keep it or to toss it. Lipsticks do give a very funky smell when it turns bad. Normally it should not be on your shelf more than 2 years. Try to remember when did you buy them, or checking their expiration dates if it said on the label. Powder eye shadow can last for years, but again if it cracks or smells bad, it is time to toss it. Liquid foundation can form a separation of layers. If it shows layers, toss it.

3. Wash: We are talking about make-up applicators such as brushes, sponges, beauty blenders, etc. You need to run the water and soup through it. Be very careful with brushes, bristles need to be cleansed pointing downward. Water can really contaminate the glue that put handles & bristles together. Buy a cleaning spray, those are great to spot clean your brushes. If all the applicators are clean when you apply, they will keep your make-up last longer.

4. Repurchase: You don’t need to wait until it turns bad. Certain products need to be thrown out and repurchased, such as lip glosses, mascaras, etc. They last maximum 6 months. Normally bacteria will contaminate the items and it makes your skin irritate. Prevention is a key. We all want to take a precaution before breaking out. Do not hoard those type of make-up. If you buy it, use it up.


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