Foods for young & healthy skin

(Information from Prevention Magazine)

I just read an article from Prevention Magazine. It is so true that you are what you eat. We do spend a lot of money on skin care and cosmetics. That is not enough… foods really make the different from the inside also. Don’t we want a young and healthy look, ladies? We all do. It is not difficult, start from what you have in your kitchen. Fresh & natural food can bring magics to your body.

Here are foods we’re talking about;

Romaine Lettuce: Provides vitamin A. It gives a boost by refreshing your skin. Nutrients and oxygen will improve your circulation.  It also has vitamin K, which activates a protein that supports vascular health.


Tomatoes: There is a research that shows people who eat tomatoes regularly will have nearly 25% more protection against sunburn. Skins will have more collagen which prevent sagging. Even more, it gives higher level of antioxidant that keep you from fine lines and furrows. We know that tomatoes lower your chances of having heart disease, which kills women more than any other sicknesses.



Strawberries: This fruit is rich with vitamin C, an antioxidant that boosts production of collagen fibers. It keeps your skin smooth and firm. Bonus from eating them is it can lower your risk of cancer by inhibiting the development of cancer cells.


Apple: It provides protection from burning UVB rays that trigger a skin cancer. Eating 2 or more apples a week reduced a risk of heart disease by 15%. Be sure to eat the peel, it is the source of all the antioxidants.


Soy: Your skin will reduce fine wrinkles. Firmness improved in women in their late 30s and early 40s. Soy products will reduce your risk of having ovarian cancer and diabetes. It prevents from having a recurrence of breast cancer.



Eggs: 2 antioxidants, lutien and zeaxanthin, are found in eggs. They protect against UV damage to your skin that lead to fine lines, brown spots and cancer. Researches found that skin will look more softer, firmer and better hydrated.


Almonds: Eating a handful of almonds a day boosts levels of vitamin E. It gives moisture to skins. Though nuts are high in calories, women who ate them at least twice a week were less like to gain weights.


Walnuts: These nuts have omega 3 fat that is significant to keep skin moist and supple. Eating them at dinner may help better shut-eye, regulates a good night of sleep.


Dark Chocolate: Cocoa made with dark chocolate give a glow to your skin. It increases a circulation of blood. It is able to rejuvenate your complexion even more. Women who drink half a cup of cocoa had significantly softer, smoother and better hydrated skin. It is proved to improve blood flow to the brain, which enhance more brain activities. Therefore it can reduce the risk of dementia.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It has essential fat that help skin resist UV damage. Its components in olive oil can lower cholesterol and help prevent obesity. It shows that having it with the meal can give you satisfaction so you are less likely to snack.


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