Thoughts: Surround yourself with positive people

As I sat here wondering, what would be my next book, I just wanted the world to know about my life first. No, it was not easy to come up with something new or interesting. But it was good to have some creative idea. I loved how things changed around us. Look at new technology these days. I turned on TV, people talked about a little computer that came out. They were sold like more than 300,000 units in one day. Oh my… what else would top that? Again, it might be something in the future that would go beyond that.

Things had changed so much, that’s right. I tried to think and think… what my life would be like in the next ten years… let me say this, we just take one step at a time. It would work that way for me. If I tried to think too much, I would be afraid to do things, and I would not be able to finish anything.  I felt like a lucky girl to be surrounded by great people around me. Well, almost all of them were nice, a few were ok.

Great Support System: It was truly break my heart, when I saw a used-to-be big movie star went downward spiral in her life. That was not so great. There were so many child stars that started out great, later their lives went downhill. How come that kind of thing happen? It did happen very often. It scared me. Now, I started seeing many rising stars under the age of 18. What would happen to them in the next ten year? Hope they would be smart to surround themselves with supportive people. I once watched a journalist commented about how Hollywood destroyed lives of young stars. That journalist said it was not a responsibility of Hollywood, but the parents. You know what, I think she is right… in this occasion, parents are the people who can get their hands on children. Some argued that school has big responsibility because kids spend most of the time at schools. Oh hello? kids change teachers every year, change school every four years, or less than that. But kids don’t get to change their parents. So listen up! “Parents” take full responsibility here.

I realized how important parents could affect their children in perspectives of their lives. I have encountered with some mean people. I mean they are really… really… mean!!! You would kind of know, if you met someone who had bad intentions towards you, right? A few times, I met people and I could sense their attitudes towards me. Most of the time I just ignore it. But unfortunately, sometimes I have to see them over and over again. So I have to put all the feelings behind, but I will be very careful being around them. They are not people I could trust. I will definitely stay away from them. Why not surround yourself with people you can trust? There are so many people who love and care for you. Look around, I am sure you will find one… or more than one :)

Here is my thought, it is important to surround yourself with positive people. They are the one who are there for you in good times and bad times. They are willing to extend themselves for you when you need them. Those might not be the one who look so cool in others’ eyes. Don’t be too shallow, people are very grounded do not like to show off. Don’t waste your time with super cool gang, they are ready to ditch you if you are not cool enough. Why wasting time hanging out with shallow people? get real!

Love it or hate it… positive people are not afraid to help, step up and speak for you. They may not be good looking, not catching up with all the fads, do not own trendy clothes, etc. But they are the one who are there for you.

Think hard, my readers… surround yourself with positive people!


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