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I have heard about her first time on Today Show. Cecilia Cassini was on for the interview with Jenna Bush, and I just could not stop smiling and appreciating her talent. Cecilia started sewing at the age of 6. Yes, you heard me right, 6-year old built her passion with designing clothes for young teens. When the teacher at school asked students to write a letter to a person they wanted to, Cecilia wrote to Coco Chanel. She was the only one, while most of students wrote to Santa Clause. She has such a creative idea and she also has a very unique and fun personality in her own elements. I love to see a young girl with a positive passion about something wonderful. Fashion is not bad, is it? Way to go, the most likely to success designer, Cecilia Cassini.






This weekend will be a debut of a movie, Iron Man 2, in Europe. Italy will premier on Friday, April 30th. This is one of the most expecting movies to top box office for Spring/Summer. Forget about Robert Downey, Jr., we are going to have a look of an Iron lady, Scarlett Johansson. She played a villain, Black Widow, in the film. It is so much to talk about style and fashion, she is on her way to promote the movie all over the world and we’ve already seen top designer dresses. Gorgeous!

1. Johansson attended L.A. premiere of Iron Man 2, with a dress from Armani Prive and Harry Winston earrings.



2. The actress was wearing a soft gray, RM by Roland Mouret dress, for an L.A. event for Iron Man 2



3. Pictures from scenes of Black Widow in Iron Man 2.


We all love to get new make-up items. But what happen after you bought them? Taking care of those products is a key to make them last longer. Some of items do not last for years, it is time to toss a few away. Your skin is more sensitive than you think. You do not want to risk breaking out, do you? Let’s see how we could take care of make-up we have.

1. Sanitize : You can start by using a wipe that has an element of alcohol. If you drop lipsticks on the floor, you will have to sanitize by rubbing it with alcohol and let it sit until it dries. Any wands on you lip glosses need to be sanitized from time to time. It does touch some bacteria from outside when you slide it out and touch your lips.

2. Smell and Notice: Sniffing and smelling really help you to determine whether to keep it or to toss it. Lipsticks do give a very funky smell when it turns bad. Normally it should not be on your shelf more than 2 years. Try to remember when did you buy them, or checking their expiration dates if it said on the label. Powder eye shadow can last for years, but again if it cracks or smells bad, it is time to toss it. Liquid foundation can form a separation of layers. If it shows layers, toss it.

3. Wash: We are talking about make-up applicators such as brushes, sponges, beauty blenders, etc. You need to run the water and soup through it. Be very careful with brushes, bristles need to be cleansed pointing downward. Water can really contaminate the glue that put handles & bristles together. Buy a cleaning spray, those are great to spot clean your brushes. If all the applicators are clean when you apply, they will keep your make-up last longer.

4. Repurchase: You don’t need to wait until it turns bad. Certain products need to be thrown out and repurchased, such as lip glosses, mascaras, etc. They last maximum 6 months. Normally bacteria will contaminate the items and it makes your skin irritate. Prevention is a key. We all want to take a precaution before breaking out. Do not hoard those type of make-up. If you buy it, use it up.

(Credits: Information from Shape Magazine, May 2010)

When we think about exercising, we also think about comfortable gears and gadgets that assist us to perform our best. We, ladies, want to feel fashionable at the same time. Shape magazine had gathered these shoes that women voted to be the best, regarding to comfortability, style, supports and feelings. I am a runner, I love running in a pair of my Nike Air. Let’s have a look of what the viewers have voted.


Best Shoes for Fitness Classes: Nike Zoom Fly Sister One

Gossamerlike strands on the upper “hug the feet without confining them.” And thanks to multi-directional grooves, the “super flexible” outsole “bends in every direction, so feet can move fluidly.” Kickboxers and steppers raved about the extremely comfortable heel cushioning” that helps absorb impact.

Nike Zoom Fly Sister One


Best Shoes for All-Around Gym Use: Asics Gel-260 TR

Gel-filled inserts under the heel and forefoot provide extra cushioning. “I barely felt the pedals, so I could go for an hour on the elliptical without my feet getting numb,” said one tester. In classes, the outsole “never slips on studio floors” and the ankle padding “supports the heel, even during quick Zumba steps.”

Asics Gel 260 TR


Best Cushioning Women’s Running Shoes: Saucony Triumph 7

With a midsole insert and bands of foam in the heel, this shoe (which comes in two widths) has impact protection covered. The cushioning is “responsive,” and the “flexible” midsole provides “smooth heel-to-toe movement.”

Saucony Triumph 7


Best Running Shoes for Overpronators: Reebok Premier Road Supreme

A plastic ridge in the “comfortably firm” midsole helps the foot “stay stable.” Plus, this shoe “feels lightweight and responsive,” thanks to a “rubberlike insole” that adds cushioning and “puts an extra spring in your step.

Reebok Premier Road Supreme


Best Running Shoes for Distance Runners: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

Firm foam on the inner side of the midsole provides extra stability. “I was able to run with a straight, easy gait, even up steep hills,” said a marathoner. A gel-filled midsole insert under the heels gives “generous shock absorbtion,” helping one tester feel “less knee pain” after her runs.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10


Best Women’s Running Shoes for Speed: Mizuno Wave Rider 13

This neutral shoe offers a smidgen of pronation control. “It’s light and stable, which made me feel fast,” said one racer. The upper has “lots of mesh” to improve ventilation and provide “some give in the toe box.” Nubs on the front half of the outsole enhance traction, which “makes hill climbing easier.”

Mizuno Wave Rider 13


Best Women’s Shoes for Rugged Terrain: Montrail Rockridge

The upper is made of a strong mesh that “keeps toes dry and cool” yet “withstands pokes from branches.” With rock-deflecting lugs underfoot and nubs around the perimeter, the outsole makes you feel “secure enough to run anywhere without fear of slipping.”

Montrail Rockridge


Best Women’s Shoes for Mixed Terrain: Patagonia Tsali

A thin, shock-absorbing plate in the forefoot “provides plenty of support” and keeps the Tsali “much lighter then other trail shoes.” The sticky rubber outsole helps steady feet: “I felt like I could climb any surface confidently,” said one runner.

Patagonia Tsali


Best Women’s Walking Shoe: New Balance WRW760

A plastic bar in the midsole boosts stability, helping one tester “walk miles with no ankle pain.” The toe box provides “plenty of wiggle room,” and the upper “prevents feet from overheating-even on long treks.”

New Balance WRW760

(Credits: Picture from

Taylor Swift was present at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2010 with a Lilac gown from Marchesa. I love the details of embroidered shoulders. Check out the jewelery from Niel Lane.

This dress looks so gorgeous on her. Can you believe that she is on 20? It is still age-appropriate. The big night was full of well-known country singers. Taylor did not disappointed us. Beside her talent in writing songs, we know that she has a great sense of fashion and style.


(Credits: Pictures are from

Ellen Pompeo is playing the main character in the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. I am sure many of us have seen and some are big fans of this TV series. It has been going for 5th season now and still has high ratings. Elle Decor Magazine had visited Pompeo at home and now we have a chance to see how her place looks like… amazing!

It is a very much a mixture of vintage and modern collections of furniture. They are well put together. Ellen shares this home with her husband, Chris Ivory, and her daughter, Stella. Some rooms have Mediterranean touch and oriental style. It is quite impressive. The house is situated in the  Hollywood Hills. There is a swimming pool, which she spends a leisure time at.  I can see natural lights all around the house, it is wonderful. Now let us see the photographs taken by Elle Decor.

(Credits: Information from

New cover of Vogue Magazine Paris, May 2010, is all about A-listed Hollywood celebrities. We will see Maryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts and Penelope Cruz. All of them are wearing Current Elliot jeans and tees from Bono’s collection, featuring Armani and Gap, for RED.

One word… GRANDE for Vogue Paris…